Mushroom N Swiss
Original Collection
Mushroom N Swiss is Hardee's star burger. It is the burger of choice for the younger generations that enjoy the uniqueness of their original recipe:  a homemade mix of Mushroom Gravy, mixed with Swiss cheese and beef makes it truly original.
This time, Hardee's was launching a limited edition, one time promo: an addition to their collection which now included Chicken. 
Hardee's asked us to create a campaign around the promo that would and generate buzz. Turning the promo collection into something unique and appealing.
So we did just that...
We created a fashion collection inspired by the clash of the two ingredients that make the product so special : MUSHROOM N SWISS. 
We brought the collection to life across all channels. We worked closely with fashion designers to Carefully design every piece of apparel, and designed a fresh visual and digital communication that would elevate the idea and turn it into something cool and aspirational.

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