BLACKBOX is a production company based in Dubai, UAE, mainly focusing on production of video, photography , media content and post-production. They had their big break in the industry as they enhanced their scope of work to fit the new demands of the creative industry. Demands that were a result of a post-pandemic era where clients needed to rely on Production Houses to take on multiple challenges. Blackbox focus was moving towards being a multifunctional media production powerhouse. 
With different disciplines within their scope of work, Blackbox offers an expansion of multiple angles and sides to media production, it was time for BLACKBOX to reveal an image and tone that was as unique and versatile as the product it offered. Making it more engaging to its target and reflecting its values and putting them in a level they belong.

Video and photography are at the heart of Blackbox. As a discipline that is embedded in most of their work, they become essential for creating content and delivering results. Camera lenses are the eyes of BLACKBOX. We took this as an opportunity to create a language that would become signature of the core DNA of BLACKBOX. Picking on camera motions, angles and different perspectives as an inspiration for the main device that would hold the brand identity together. The logo system creates a flexible device that continuously changes adapts to its content.  Creating a new identity that speaks to the ever-changing ideas, and the different perspectives that are created from collective conversations between content and consumers, adapting continuously to its environment.
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