In a nutshell:
I'm a Brand Designer with more than 16 years of experience in the creative industry. For the past 20 years I have been moving around the world:
From Italy to USA to Colombia to Spain to China to Dubai.
Picking up insights and understanding cultural differences which have added a strong value in my life and helped defined my career.  
Architect and Interior designer first, I jumped into the business of Brand Development later in my life. Making the leap from the architectural scene to the Ad world and bringing the learnings that came with it along. Having worked in TBWA Madrid, and Leo Burnett Madrid at first, I slowly but firmly made a move to the Branding side of life. Working on bringing brands to life through strategy and storytelling. Building teams and nourishing younger aspiring generations to enhance their potential
Through my +12 years of experience I strongly believe in teamwork and proper process as key drivers of good outcome. None of which is good without a proper strategy. Good Design is just one of the aftermaths of an integrated process. 
My specializations are Brand Storytelling, Brand Experience and Identity Design, including digital & social media strategies, visual and verbal identity, print & packaging, UX/UI, motion design and content creation for brand identity and marketing campaigns.
I've been working for companies of different sizes: from Startups, to SMEs to Multinationals (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EA Sports, Google, Ikea, Chrysler, Starbucks) helping them to gain visibility and find their differential in an oversaturated market. Always searching for new experiences and challenges in the professional world. Im focused on bringing people closer together through visual communication that is both functional and beautiful as well
-Gold / Best Development of a visual identity. Transform Awards. 2020  
-Gold / Best creative Strategy for an existing brand. Transform Awards. 2020
-Bronze / Best Visual Identity for education sector. Transform Awards. 2020
-Silver / Best Visual Identity for communication sector. Transform Awards. 2019
-Bronze / Best Visual Identity for education sector. Transform Awards. 2019
-Silver / Best creative strategy for new brand. Transform Awards. 2019 ​​​​​​​
-Silver / Outdoor. JC DECAUX International Advertising Festival. 2010
-Silver / Outdoor. Spanish Creative Club festival (CDC) 2011
-Silver / Promo and activation.  Spanish Creative Club festival (CDC).  2011
-Bronze / Outdoor. EL SOL spanish advertising festival. 2011
-Silver / Print. AdSTARS international advertising festival. 2011
-Shortlist / SOL Iberoamerican international adv. Festival 2011

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